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Sylvia Ferrero

revolution gratitude

Sylvia Ferrero

revolution gratitude

Feel Unstoppable In Your Skin, Reverse Engineer Youth & Ignite Your Body's Self-Healing Superpowers

Practical, Personalized, Purposeful Fitness, Wellness & Self-Care for the Soulful, On-The-Go Boss Babe.


You're a Heart-Centered Go-Getter With Inspiring Dreams, Who's Passionate About Serving Others.

But taking care of your body has taken a backseat.

🌀 Are you exhausted AF from self-sabotaging your self-care... and intuitively sense that trying to "get disciplined" isn't really the most empowering path to becoming your best self?

🌀 Do you wish you felt radiant in your body... and aren’t afraid to admit you're also excited to feel sexy naked?

🌀 Are you hooked on self-help fads and quick fixes that sort of get results (that don't stick)... and still leave you feeling like something's missing?

🌀 Are the smiles and success you wear on the outside... genuinely reflecting the self-confidence you feel on the inside?

🌀 Are you ready to trust yourself to rise and shine beyond challenges and fears... so that your health and happiness light up all areas of your life - from the inside, out?

Then you've come to the right place... welcome home, sister!

"Sylvia is a Jedi Princess on pleasurable fitness and nourishment for increased manifestation and lifestyle magic!" ~ Tara Green

"My career was taking off but I didn’t have the personal or wellness practices in place to be at my best...Now, I’ve lost 20 pounds, I’m the healthiest version of myself, I’m more confident and comfortable with my body than ever before, my eating and wellness habits have changed, and I know there is no way in hell I’ll ever turn back!" ~ Amber Rae

Ignite Unshakeable Confidence
At The Cellular & Soul Level

Your Body is a divine vessel - where science meets the sacred.

Your cells hold all the intelligence, wisdom and guidance you need to ignite your self-healing superpowers and breathe life into your brightest, most magnificent dreams.

⚛️ Revive your physical fortitude with simple reboots that recalibrate your nervous system and natural biorhythms.

⚛️ Elevate your mind's feel-good factor (and release resistance) with quick, easy ancient alchemy practices that replenish emotional resilience.

⚛️ Ignite the life blood of your vitality through the rejuvinating power of breathwork.

⚛️ Activate your heart-brain coherence (in less than a minute!) to reclaim intuitive gut-sense and manifest quantum-level miracles - the "freaky magic" kind.

"Sylvia taught me real-life, practical 'magic' that helped me shift my mindset. I'm guided by what I learned with her every day. It's had a ripple effect that totally radiates out into my friends and family, and even my work!" ~ Aerica Shimizu Banks

"Two phone calls with Sylvia feel more life-changing than all the infomercial diet fad products I have bought and discarded for over two decades, combined!" ~ Tanya Malott

"I knew I could do great things, but Sylvia took me beyond what I thought I could accomplish. She pushed me, supported me, and took me to my peak. She develops true relationships with her clients. She genuinely wants you to succeed, to grow, to find your passion. Sylvia will transform you!" ~ Marissa Herring

Ready For A Body Reborn and A Life Reignited?

Here's everything you get access to when you join my month-to-month experiential 'Full Access Membership'...

Group Mentorship: LIVE virtual "face-to-face" coaching, intimate breakout sharing circles, bite-sized practices and action steps that flow with your busy schedule. (3x per month, via Zoom)

Powered by Sisterhood: A private online community for ongoing support and encouragement from an awesome crew of uplifting women - far away from the noise of social media. (access anytime, anywhere)

Energy Shifting Rituals: Guidance on movement, meditation, breathwork, hydration, nutrition and more to get you activating your body's regenerative mechanisms so you can be the fierce muse you were born to be.

'Healthy Habit' Challenges: Discover a more easeful, playful approach to small, consistent changes that lead to massive results and staying power - the forever kind. (Monthly)

✅  Guest Mentor Workshops: LIVE and direct access to internationally recognized industry leaders who serve as my personal mentors, peers and badass besties on my own self-healing journey. (1x per month, via Zoom)

Resource LibraryAn ever-growing virtual vault of community-sourced wisdom, inspiration and helpful information to keep you growing and groovin'.

A More Empowered YOU: Real results, real-life magic - without the heavy price tag. (Join now for less than $1 per day!)

"Because of the tips Sylvia shared with me before I hit the road, I have been owning my commitments to myself this week and cannot wait to get home to start following my meal plan!" ~

"Sylvia is a rare human being and one that I am very grateful to know. She helped me uncover just what I was really made of. In working with her I learned things about myself that went further than just diet or training. Her message inspired me to become the best ME that I had no idea even existed!" ~ Monet Colbert

Part healthy habit bootcamp, part sister circle

An empowering, energizing crew of uplifting women-of-action that align with your values and totally got your back. Why go at it alone?

✴️ BALANCE your focus and motivation... to allow space for ease en route to your goals.

✴️ STRETCH your consistency and accountability muscles... by staying true to your intentions and heart.

✴️ POWER UP your self-esteem and sense of fulfillment... with ongoing guidance, encouragement and cyber high-5s.

✴️ STRENGTHEN your inner courage... to make those bold moves you've been silent about and secretly excited to take!

"Sylvia has an amazing talent for connecting with people, understanding them profoundly and from this perspective lighting up their full potential. This makes her something more than just a coach. Syl's a force to be reckoned with - an inspiration; a motivator; a wealth of knowledge..." ~ Roxanne Diaz

"Sylvia met me right where I'm at... She is masterful, warm, and helps her clients at whatever level they're at. I'm very grateful!" ~ Lettecia Kratz

Hey, I'm Sylvia! Your Fitness Host and Lifestyle Transformation Mentor at revolution gratitude.

💠 Celebrity Personal Trainer 

💠 Wellness Coach & Retreat Leader

💠 Community Catalyst & Philanthropist

💠 Hall of Fame Inductee, Women's Tri-Fitness

💠 Weight Loss Mentor, Discovery Channel's "10 Years Younger"

💠 2-time World Champion Fitness Athlete, Women's Tri-Fitness

💠 Stunt Double for Sofia Vergara, National Lampoon's "Pledge This!"

💠 Featured Fitness Pro & Cover Model, Oxygen Fitness International & Natural Muscle Magazines

Tragedies can destroy us...or empower us. It is always (ALWAYS) a choice. Our choice.

Beyond over two decades of training celebrities, sports pros, high-achievers and fitness enthusiasts of all levels…

Beyond the podiums and fitness trophies...

Beyond the appearances and accolades…

The most impactful training grounds of my life has been being the survivor of...

⚠️ abuse

⚠️ addiction

⚠️ brain injuries

⚠️ homelessness

⚠️ deep depression

⚠️ attempted suicide

⚠️ two near-fatal car wrecks

⚠️ an aggressive bacterial infection that almost shut down my organs

{ Discover more about my story... }

I see you. You're a dedicated creatrix devoted to moving mountains for the people and things that matter most to you...

✴️ quality time with your loved ones

✴️ your important collaborative work in the world

✴️ causes & creative projects that make you come alive.

You wish you could walk into any room and have others FEEL YOU — present, in your purpose, ready to take on the world.

But here's the thing, love...That true authentic power you crave is deeply interdependent on your total body, whole being "fitness"... so, your self-caring MUST be holistic - as well as simple and sustainable.

I'm on a similar journey. I feel for your frustrations and empathize with where you get lost when it comes to your self-care. Yet there's one thing I KNOW at my core...

Your vision and your voice are valid, beautiful. And highly necessary. It's time. 

YOUR BODY knows the way. And, there is immense healing power in SISTERHOOD. So it's my honor to get to walk this path shoulder-to-shoulder with you.

I got you... and together, WE got this. 

In service to your freedom, ease and magic,

Here's what other awesome gals (just like YOU) have to say about our work together...

"Syl walked right beside me, looked inside me, and opened me up to the healing power of shining my own light. That's revolutionary, it's a huge step for me!" ~ Jenn Almond Bradshaw

"Working with Sylvia is an engaging experience. Her insights help me every single day. I admire her authenticity and verve and benefit so much from her enthusiasm!" ~ Mary Anne Radmacher

"Sylvia is an incredible motivator and trainer. I felt alive, healthy, and energized after every session. And, everything we did was so much fun. She’s amazing!" ~ Cloe Shasha

"Thank you for opening up my experiences, and moreover, effecting the change I’ve been looking for. I gotta say, I was a bit dubious in the beginning (I’ve bet you’ve heard this 1,000,000 times!), but your approach has finally made it stick!" ~ Mary Layne

Together, We Rise...It Begins With YOU

Every time you show up to take care of yourself those tiny, seemingly insignificant ripples of self-love add up to impact everything in your life...and, on our planet.

As a symbol of the 'force for good' that YOU are, when you join our FAM 9% of your monthly investment goes towards our sisters-in-awesomeness at Street Business School.

Street Business School provides high-quality entrepreneurship training and ongoing mentorship to empower women in developing nations; to guide them into discovering their voice, to rise up out of suffering, and to reclaim their freedom...right alongside with YOU.

🔥 CLICK HERE to discover how Street Business School is igniting 1 MILLION WOMEN entrepreneurs to leave fear, oppression and scarcity in the dust by 2027.

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